Azure Bastion pricing

Secure seamless RDP/SSH connectivity to Azure VMs in Azure virtual network without public IP on the VM

Azure Bastion service enables you to securely and seamlessly RDP & SSH to your VMs in Azure virtual network, without the need of public IP on the VM, directly from the Azure portal, and without the need of any additional client/agent or any piece of software. Once you provision an Azure Bastion service in your virtual network, the seamless RDP/SSH experience is available to all your VMs in the same virtual network. For more information, please refer to the documentation.

Azure Bastion pricing

Azure Bastion $- per hour
Outbound data transfer Svæði 11 Svæði 21
First 5 GB / month Ókeypis Ókeypis
5 GB - 10 TB2 / month $- per GB $- per GB
Next 40 TB
(10 TB - 50 TB) / month
$- per GB $- per GB
Next 100 TB
(50 TB - 150 TB) / month
$- per GB $- per GB
Next 350 TB
(150 TB - 500 TB) / month
$- per GB $- per GB
Over 500 TB / month Contact us Contact us
During public preview, pricing reflects a 50% discount.
1 For Zone details, please refer to the FAQ below.
2 1 TB = 1024 GB

Support & SLA (Public Preview)

  • We provide technical support for all Azure services released to general availability, including Azure Bastion. Support is available through Azure Support starting at $29/month. Billing and subscription management support is provided at no cost.
  • SLA is not available during the Public Preview of Azure Bastion. SLA will become available with General Availability of the service.

Algengar spurningar

  • A sub-region is the lowest level geo-location that you may select to deploy your applications and associated data. For data transfers (except CDN), the following regions correspond to Zone 1 and Zone 2

    • Zone 1 - West Europe, East US, South Central US, West US
    • Zone 2 - Australia East, Japan East


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