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SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux in Azure VMs

In this webinar you’ll hear from Microsoft and Red Hat engineers about the performance and security of mission-critical SQL Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux combined with the flexibility, security, and hybrid connectivity of Azure.

An Introduction to SAP on Azure

Register for this webinar for an introduction to running your SAP workloads on Azure. You’ll learn about solutions designed specifically to support your mission-critical needs, and see common SAP on Azure architectures and business scenarios.

Azure Sentinel: Security Orchestration, Automation, & Response

Register for this webinar to learn how Azure Sentinel, the cloud-native security information and management (SIEM) solution from Microsoft, can help improve the efficiency of your security operations.

Create an AI-Powered Document Data Extraction Solution

Learn how to create an AI-powered document data extraction solution. Discover how data extraction can increase productivity in different industries, including those that are highly regulated, such as insurance and healthcare.

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