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Enabling collaborative bot development across your organization for any user

þriðjudagur, 3. desember 2019

Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) is enabling organizations to improve their business in areas like customer service and employee engagement by automating some of the most commonly requested services, which frees up employees to take on more value-adding activities. While the benefits of conversational AI are well established, determining who in an organization should build these solutions is not always clear.

Corporate Vice President, Conversational AI

Microsoft Azure Announces Industry’s First Cloud Bot-as-a-Service

þriðjudagur, 15. nóvember 2016

We are thrilled by the surprisingly large number of bots, tools, channels and the overall vibrancy and excitement within the developer community since our launch of Bot Framework on Github in March. The democratization of AI and the advancement of conversational canvasses are well underway.

Corporate Vice President, Conversational AI