Monthly Archives: nóvember 2016

Announcing general availability of preview features and new APIs in Azure Search

miðvikudagur, 30. nóvember 2016

Today we are announcing the general availability (GA) of several features as well as a new REST API version and .NET SDK that support the new GA features. All GA features and APIs are covered by the standard Azure service level agreement (SLA) and can be used in production workloads.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Search

From “A PC on every desktop” to “Deep Learning in every software”

þriðjudagur, 29. nóvember 2016

Deep learning is behind many recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence, including speech recognition, language understanding and computer vision. At Microsoft, it is changing customer experience in many of our applications and services, including Cortana, Bing, Office 365, SwiftKey, Skype Translate, Dynamics 365, and HoloLens.

Corporate Vice President, Artificial Intelligence & Research