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The Economic Value of Migrating On-Premises SQL Server Instances to Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions

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Diterbitkan: 25/11/2020

Explore how to save money, improve operational efficiency, and boost agility by migrating to Azure SQL. Read this report from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to see how organizations realized significant savings and benefits by moving their on-premises SQL Server to the Azure SQL family of cloud databases—and how they were able to migrate with minimal impact to their operations. 

Read about how ESG predicted that businesses can: 

  • Save up to 47 percent when migrating from on-premises deployments to Microsoft SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines. 
  • Reduce costs for modernized cloud-ready applications by an additional 17 percent while improving expected time to value. 
  • Increase revenue by $30M as a result of faster and more agile development and deployment of new applications. 

Get the report to learn more about the ESG’s findings—and how to put them to work for your organization. 


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