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Harnessing the Cloud to Deliver Big Data Insights

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Diterbitkan: 04/11/2019

Becoming data-driven is now a matter of urgency for organizations to stay competitive with challenges ranging from customer engagement to risk management, cybersecurity, and fraud detection, and to operational excellence. The cloud is playing a growing role in helping enterprises benefit from data as it bypasses many of the cost and organizational bottlenecks associated with implementing new capacity in on-premises data centers. The results are borne out with big data. Big data workloads are moving to the cloud. According to Ovum, 27.5% of big data workloads are running in the cloud, with the rate currently growing by over 20% annually. Ovum predicts that the cloud will account for over half of new big data workloads by 2019. For most organizations, hybrid deployment spanning the data center and cloud will become the new reality. While few are likely to migrate 100% of their data, applications, or platforms to the cloud, the cloud will play a big role in analytics and business agility – going beyond test/development to quickly on-ramping new workloads. But not all cloud services are alike. How can enterprises choose the right cloud infrastructure service (IaaS) provider and the right big data platform to run in that cloud environment? These should be considered separate decisions.