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Future-Proof Your Data Infrastructure with Azure: A Business Case for Database Administrators

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Diterbitkan: 27/12/2019

Become your company’s cloud database expert by delivering new value to your business with Azure database services. This e-book presents an overview of the business benefits of using data infrastructure services in the cloud. See examples of how real Azure customers are using cloud database services and learn about the benefits of Azure database capabilities, including:
  • Enterprise-grade scale and performance, seamless data migration, and low total cost of ownership.
  • Flexibility with fully managed relational and NoSQL database options, including support for open-source languages and tools.
  • Optimized performance and security with intelligent database services, including seamless integration with the full Azure suite of advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI tools.
  • Advanced data security with data discovery and classification, vulnerability assessment, and advanced threat detection.

In addition to the e-book, this companion PowerPoint presentation can help you explain the business case for moving to Azure.


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