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Five Hybrid Cloud Use Cases for Azure Stack HCI

Diterbitkan: 25/01/2021

Build on your terms with a hyperconverged infrastructure solution that delivers enterprise scale with great price performance. In this e-book, you’ll learn how to operate your hybrid cloud seamlessly with Azure Stack HCI in five common technical use cases—branch and remote office, virtual desktop infrastructure, optimizing SQL Server for high performance, scaled and secure enterprise virtualization, and deploying tightly-integrated Kubernetes.

Download the e-book to learn how to use Azure Stack HCI to:

  • Deploy flexibly to meet your hybrid cloud needs with validated hardware solutions optimized for five common technical use cases.
  • Achieve enterprise scale with great price performance, from virtual desktop infrastructure to high-performance SQL server.
  • Host locally with the benefits of Azure with always up-to-date hyperconverged infrastructure delivered as a service.


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