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Cloud Scale Analytics 101

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Diterbitkan: 28/08/2019

Make your organization more nimble, efficient, and proactive by going beyond simple data collection and storage—using cloud scale data analytics to extract untapped information and insights. In Cloud Scale Analytics 101, you’ll learn the core concepts of BI and analytics, the business motivations behind them, and the building block technologies to implement them. 

Download the e-book to learn how to:
  • Coalesce and conform customer data from siloed locations and view it in one unified repository.
  • Synthesize information from on-premises and cloud-based applications as well as from streaming data from websites, social media, and IoT.
  • Aggregate and interpret petabyte-scale data faster by using powerful data lake technologies.
  • Identify macro patterns in real time and build machine learning models to predict future trends. 


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