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Azure SQL Resource Kit

Diterbitkan: 08/01/2021

With so many different factors to keep in mind, choosing the best database for your SQL Server migration can be daunting. Download the Azure SQL Resource Kit for resources and information to help you get started with your migration to Azure SQL. You’ll learn how to choose the database service that fits your needs, utilize your existing on-premises SQL Server skills, and plan your successful deployment. 

Explore the resource kit to:

  • Understand how Azure SQL works and start your SQL Server migration with a free copy of the Azure SQL Revealed e-book.
  • See real-world examples of how organizations deployed Azure SQL and are taking advantage of its wide range of features and functionality for data management solutions.
  • Learn how to lower your total cost of ownership while improving operational efficiency.
  • Choose the right database service, run your migration, and take advantage of the extensive free training resources available to you. 

Note: If you prefer not to provide your information for download, the Azure SQL Revealed e-book is also available for purchase at Apress.com.


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