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App Migration Toolkit: Migrate ASP.NET Web Applications to Azure

Diterbitkan: 24/06/2021

Turn app migration from a priority into a reality with the App Migration Toolkit: Migrate ASP.NET Web Applications to Azure. See what you gain from cloud migration, build your business case, evaluate your environment, and prepare your team with the necessary skills. 

In the toolkit, find resources to motivate and guide your migration journey from start to finish, including: 

  • Best practices and key success factors for modernizing your web apps.
  • Free, powerful tools to prepare your web apps and data for migration.
  • Ways to get help and expert assistance with your migration.
  • Inspiring—and instructive—stories of others who have benefitted from migration. 

Optimize costs as business priorities shift, scale with managed services and high security, and focus on features instead of infrastructure by migrating to Azure—the cloud built for creating, managing, and optimizing ASP.NET sites. 


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