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Migrasi SQL Server

Move your SQL Server databases to Azure with few or no application code changes.

Explore cost-effective options for your migration

AWS is 5 time more expensive than Azure for SQL Server. Discover why Azure is the most cost effective cloud for your SQL Server workloads and get these unique savings only by migrating to Azure.

Move your SQL Server workloads to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance and save up to 85 percent with Azure Hybrid Benefit and reserved capacity pricing. Get a fully-managed database service with built-in security and performance monitoring for managing hundreds to thousands of databases at scale. For SQL Server workloads that use SQL Server Analysis Service, SQL Server Reporting Service, and other non-engine capabilities, move to SQL Server in a VM to get extended security updates at no extra charge.

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See the Database Migration Guide

Pelajari tentang jalur migrasi beban kerja SQL Server. Panduan Migrasi SQL Server menjelaskan implementasi cara memigrasikan dari SQL Server yang ada ke SQL Server di Azure, termasuk Instans Terkelola Azure SQL Database yang dikelola sepenuhnya. Jika Anda siap untuk migrasi, gunakan panduan untuk memilih jalur migrasi dan menjalankan langkah-langkahnya.

Unduh panduan

Start your SQL Server migration

Ketika Anda siap untuk memulai, pusat migrasi Azure memberikan semua alat yang diperlukan untuk menilai, memigrasi, dan mengoptimalkan beban kerja SQL Server Anda.


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Demo: Migrasi SQL Server ke Azure

Melakukan penemuan, penilaian, dan migrasi database SQL Server ke Azure menggunakan Azure Database Migration Service.

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