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SQL Server AlwaysOn Template in Microsoft Azure Portal Gallery

Diposting pada 25 Agustus, 2014

Principal Program Manager, Azure Compute
A new template has been added to the Microsoft Azure Portal Gallery currently in preview. The SQL Server 2014 AlwaysOn template automates the creation of a SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Group, taking care of the setup steps behind the scenes. Scott Guthrie introduced the template along with some other cool features in his blog post on Friday. The AlwaysOn template lets you choose the basic settings (or accept the defaults) for high level options like host name prefix, availability group name, optional listener name, VM pricing tiers for the group participants and witness VMs, service account/password. Once it’s done the hard work for you, you’ll have a set of connected VMs like this: Portal view of AlwaysOn AG VMs You’re now ready to connect to the database servers and create databases in your availability group. This really is very easy to set up and use. For more details about AlwaysOn Availability Groups running in Azure and a detailed run-through of the new template check out today’s SQL Server Blog post:  SQL Server AlwaysOn Template in Microsoft Azure Portal Gallery