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SAP applications certified on Azure

Diposting pada 28 Mei, 2014

General Manager, Microsoft Azure
We’re proud to announce that Azure is now certified by SAP for SAP Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver, and SAP HANA Developer Edition, with full support available from both Microsoft and SAP. Starting today, customers who have SAP licenses can use them to deploy SAP software in Microsoft Azure. This enables them to maximize the value of their Microsoft and SAP investments and take advantage of on-demand resources in the cloud. Customers can quickly address changing business needs and enjoy the benefits of simplified infrastructure management, improved time to market and reduced costs. They can deploy virtual machines to create the infrastructure needed for SAP solutions in just a few minutes. This partnership represents Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to support the applications and services our customers use to run their business on Azure, and provide a robust enterprise-ready platform for customers looking to leverage the power of the cloud. Standard purchase models, pricing and terms are applicable for underlying Azure services and customers will consume and pay for these services as with any other deployment. In the coming months, we look forward to announcing support for more SAP products. Get started and learn more about the certifications on the SAP on Azure page.