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Get started with Monitoring in Azure

Diposting pada 27 September, 2017

Principal Program Manager, Azure Infrastructure & Management
The Azure Monitor Overview page has been updated to provide the latest tutorials and demos, product news, and tips for on-boarding quickly. For information about the latest full stack monitoring capabilities, see "New full stack monitoring capabilities in Azure Monitor" on the Azure blog.

We’re happy to announce the public preview of a new overview landing page in Azure Monitor. This landing page is designed to help you understand the monitoring capabilities offered by Azure, and to make it easier to discover, configure, and on-board Azure’s platform and premium monitoring capabilities.

The new Overview helps users that are new to Azure get started by on-boarding Azure alerts, Log Analytics, and Application Insights. It also provides a view to Azure’s always-on platform monitoring, starting with Activity Log error counts and an Azure Service Health summary that helps you catch any failure points in your environment.

Monitoring on Azure 1

As you on-board to richer capabilities, the overview gives you a starting point for navigation, and shows notable issues from different services to let you know if you should take a look at them. You might use the overview for a quick daily review of environment health, or to see what else needs attention after you receive an alert. Today, the overview can be scoped to a single subscription at a time, so the view shows you the health and configuration for the part of your environment you choose. We’ll be expanding out the scope of visibility in future releases.

If any of your Azure resources are logging events with error-level severity, the Activity Log Error count shows you this key indicator, and you can then click through to the dedicated Activity Log page to investigate each event. Similarly, Azure Service Health, which provides personalized information about any issues in Azure that are impacting your services, gives you an always-on view to service issues, planned maintenance events, and health advisories.

We recommend three core services to get more visibility to your Azure resources. Configuring Azure Alerts is a great way to get notified of any unexpected performance degradations or unexpected activity on your resources. If you don’t have Log Analytics set up for your subscription, we’ll guide you to get started so you can unlock deep insights on your data.

Finally, the Azure Monitor overview gives you a new high-level view to your Application Insights monitoring, showing you KPIs for load, latency, failures, and availability. In addition to the alerting and highly customizable workflows you can set up inside Application Insights, the Overview provides a quick view to your application health to see which ones are worth checking on. The Application Insights table is optimized for server-side application monitoring across ASP.NET web apps, Java, and Node.js applications.

Monitoring on Azure 2

We’ll be continuing to expand this page to cover more of Azure’s monitoring capabilities, and to make it as easy as possible to discover and navigate to the monitoring capabilities that are right for your environment. If you have any feedback, please reach us on User Voice.