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A Holiday.js Gift for Windows Azure Node.js Developers

Diposting pada 28 Desember, 2011

Senior Program Manager, Cloud + Enterprise

Earlier this month, we released our first preview of Windows Azure SDK for Node.js. So far the community reaction has been positive and feedback is starting to trickle in with feature requests, bugs, etc. We’re listening and really appreciate the feedback, so keep it coming.

Staying true to our commitment to release early and often and in keeping with the holiday tradition, we bring you a gift - the December update.  

Highlights of this preview:

  • Windows Azure PowerShell for Node.js 0.5.1 update, including new cmdlets for easily enabling Remote Desktop, as well as SSL support
  • IISNode 0.1.13 update (including 2X performance improvements!)
  • Node.js 0.6.6 update from Joyent, including a more stable npm
  • Installer in-place upgrade support for all these components (so you can just click the WebPI link and it will upgrade your existing installation of these components if you already have the previous version, or install them all if you don’t)
  • Numerous bug fixes in all three components (see here, here and here)

Enabling Remote Desktop access the easy way

Remote Desktop allows you to connect directly to your VMs. It’s very useful in particular for debugging and diagnostics.  In our previous preview, to enable RDP support for your VMs you needed to follow a bunch of manual steps, which included modifying config files, creating a certificate, and uploading the cert to the portal. Now, all of the steps are taken care of for you via a single cmdlet, “Enable-AzureRemoteDesktop”!

Say these three words with me: “Enable, Publish, Connect”. A picture tells a thousand words, so just glance at the screenshots below.

1. Enable:

2. Publish:


3. Connect:

Any questions?

The release is also accompanied by an update of the Windows Azure Node.js Developer center content, which includes new “How-To content” and “Common tasks”.

Download your gift and enjoy!