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How Barracuda Reached Enterprise Customers Through Private Offers on Azure Marketplace

Enterprise customers increasingly want to leverage online marketplaces to find, try, and buy cloud services. To enable our partners to reach new and wider audiences with more flexibility, Azure Marketplace launched Private Offers for Enterprise purchasing. Private Offers enable Azure Marketplace publishers to create exclusive offers for their customers, offer customized software and terms, and run limited beta releases. 

Watch this 30-minute on-demand webcast to learn more about Private Offers on Azure Marketplace, and how one of our partners, Barracuda Networks, leveraged Private Offers to win larger deals and optimize their procurement process.

What You Will Learn:

- Overview of Azure Marketplace

- Introduction to Private Offers for Enterprise purchasing

- Private Offers use cases and best practices

- How Barracuda Networks leveraged Private Offers to land Enterprise deals

Who You Are:

- Business and Technical leaders looking to acquire more customers with more flexibility