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Turning Data into Insights

Five ways to achieve operational intelligence with time series data

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Közzétéve: 2019. 04. 10.

For manufacturers, time series data and IoT offers exciting new opportunities to innovate by providing insights in fractions of a second on a global scale. To increase speed, agility, efficiency, and innovation, 80% of manufacturers will need to extensively restructure by 2020, placing data at the center of their processes (IDC, 2018). While IoT makes capturing and analyzing time series data at scale a reality, it can be challenging to integrate into your business processes. Massive data volumes, disparate structures, and new security threats can make IoT initiatives seem unwieldy and cost-prohibitive. But they don’t need to be. We’ve worked with many customers to successfully integrate IoT data into their business processes and strategies. In this whitepaper, we’ll outline five key factors that helped our customers achieve success. We’ll also share best practices and tips from customers and partners to help guide you as you embark on your IoT journey.