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The Forrester Wave: Big Data Hadoop Cloud Solutions, Q2 2016

A forrás (The Forrester Wave: Big Data Hadoop Cloud Solutions, Q2 2016) nem érhető el Magyar nyelven. Az információ English (US) nyelven olvasható.

Közzétéve: 2016.11.15.

“We want to do Hadoop in the cloud.” That’s what we increasingly hear from enterprises that have successfully run on-premises Hadoop proof-of-concepts. 

CIOs charge their enterprise architecture pros with understanding the strengths and weaknesses of Hadoop in the cloud and to make the case for it versus on-premises deployments. Forrester’s 37-criteria evaluation of eight leading big data Hadoop cloud solution vendorsAltiscale, Amazon Web Services, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Qubole and Rackspace – will help EA pros understand the available solutions and recommend the best one for their organization.

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