Ultima Business Solutions

Ultima Business Solutions

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We are your flexible IT technical resource to complement your existing team with additional key skills and expertise. Offering end-to-end solutions for IT architecture, design and implementation our IT consultants can provide a range of diverse consultancy services, from strategy to tactical optimisation.

Our IT consultancy team comprises of experienced solutions architects, consultants, engineers and project managers, who are experts in their fields, hold the highest accreditations with best-of-breed vendors, and have real-world experience.

Many businesses are looking to adopt cloud and new data centre solutions to improve their agility and responsiveness. For example, organisations that have moved their IT infrastructure into the cloud can more easily scale their businesses and respond quickly to new IT provisioning requests from end users and project teams.

We offer a broad range of cloud and data centre solutions that support our clients through data centre moves, data centre modernisation programmes, upgrading and expanding storage and backup facilities, disaster recovery and optimising SQL server implementations.

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