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If you’re looking to work with a group of highly dedicated technology geeks, who are fast, effective, and know their stuff - then that’s our calling card.

We have worked with clients in a variety of countries and industries ranging from Financial Services, Technology, Banking, Insurance, Telecoms and Manufacturing.

We have built a variety of Azure solutions in Business Intelligence, Power BI, Power BI Embedded, Azure SQL, Data Gateways, Powerapps & Flow, and a number of hybrid systems connecting organizational systems to cloud based front-end.

Our skills cover a variety of ERP systems and current / legacy organizational systems ranging from custom built CRM, ERP, and operational systems running on a variety of databases, mini-computer and mainframe systems.

We have used the power of the Microsoft Stack on Azure to bring these systems to a hybrid or fully cloud deployment and link them directly to our client's stakeholder access via technologies such as Power BI Embedded.

We have also undertaken big data predictive analytics in the areas of advanced pricing management for clients, and wide spectrum consumer sentiment analysis for price optimization to support the development of pricing and value process.

Our Azure implementations have typically provided data visibility to support effective decision making in a range of organizational levels and personas.

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