Perkins Consulting, LLC

Perkins Consulting, LLC

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We provide services to Make Information Powerful for our mid-market clients. Perkins Consulting has been a Microsoft Partner for over twenty years focusing on SQL Server and data analytics. Our Azure services are a natural extension of that experience. We help clients create business intelligence solutions that incorporate data acquisition through Azure App Services and Azure Functions, dimensional data marts in Azure SQL Database and SQL Warehouse and analytics delivery through Power BI and Office 365.

Some examples include:
- Creating a competitive intelligence analytics system for a retail client. This system uses Azure VMs and Apps to capture data from the web and integrate it into a Azure SQL Warehouse.
- Delivering our Alyx solution for monitoring ongoing data quality. Alyx uses Azure Functions and an Azure SQL Database to monitor on-premises ETL events as well as data quality and application performance tests. Ongoing status information is delivered through an Azure App Service application.
- Allowing ships at sea to track crew staffing levels on a tablet and then automatically synchronizing over a cellular data connection through an Azure App Service via a Redis cache.

Perkins Consulting uses Agile methodology combined with Visual Studio Team Services to work closely with our clients and deliver rapid results that can be refined and enhanced easily and efficiently.

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