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Technology Leadership Training

Opsgility training for Technology Leaders examines the benefits of cloud computing on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Our training highlights the capabilities of Microsoft Azure with special attention on how IT, development, and operations teams can leverage the features and services of the platform to reduce costs, streamline operations, and mitigate risks.

IT Professional Training

Opsgility training for IT Professionals focuses on Microsoft Azure's Infrastructure Services (IaaS) architecture, workload automation with PowerShell, and the tools essential to running applications in the cloud.

Cloud computing enables massive scale and elasticity for large enterprise workloads. Our training equips the IT Professional with the skills and hands-on experience necessary to take full advantage of the Microsoft Azure platform.

.NET Developer

For developers our training courses prepare you to build cost effective but scalable applications on the Microsoft Azure cloud. In addition to bleeding edge technology we also focus on operations and continuous integration.


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