Nitec Solutions Ltd

Nitec Solutions Ltd

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Nitec have been building solutions using Microsoft Products since 1997. Our experienced Consultants design the ideal solution for each customer integrating the latest versions in Microsoft Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft CRM. By leveraging the power of Microsoft's virtualisation technology, Hyper-V, our engineers can maximise the utilisation, performance and fault tolerance creating significant cost savings.

The primary purpose behind a core infrastructure solution from Nitec is to rationalise your IT function in order to provide a functional and reliable IT platform for your business. Every business today is so heavily reliant on their IT systems that every hour lost through system downtime and every productivity gain leveraged through enhanced functionality can have an enormous effect on your bottom line.

Core infrastructure solutions have always formed the backbone of Nitec’s business and the company holds current Microsoft specialisms for Networking Infrastructure and Advanced Infrastructure.


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