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A public cloud solution provides your infrastructure, software and platform as a service – giving you convenient, on-demand access to shared data, applications and hardware.

By moving to the public cloud in any of these areas you can allocate IT resources dynamically and access a solution which is truly flexible to your business’ requirements.

When you move to the public cloud you can:

• Reduce costs – by removing the hassle of running your own infrastructure and software, you save money on upgrades, power and cooling.

• Enhance flexibility – we can provide your IT requirements on a flexible package basis, scaling resources as your business demands grow or shrink. And, the best bit, you will never have to wait for infrastructure again!

• Improve business continuity – cloud infrastructure is typically more reliable than that on premise, helping you to keep your down time down!

• Reduce CapEx – plan and define your infrastructure and software budget in the security of no unexpected capital outlays, moving your IT to an OpEx cost instead.

• Improve security – while a lot of customers are concerned about their data security when they move to the cloud, the cloud is actually one of the safest places for it as you enjoy the benefits of an enterprise-standard data centre. When your IT is being hosted by the likes of Microsoft, it’s being looked after by the world’s leading IT security people and is kept in the highest standard of data centres – can your in-house IT offer the same?

• Access to the latest technology – when on a private cloud you have to pay to upgrade to the latest tech, with public cloud solutions you will only use the latest tech.

If you think that the public cloud may be for you then please contact one of our cloud advisors today and start your move to the cloud.


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