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Neptuno, Inc. is a provider of technology and IT solutions based in Puerto Rico. Neptuno is a Microsoft Silver Cloud Partner and a Microsoft Tier-1 Cloud Solution Provider. Neptuno has presence in the English Caribbean and Dominican Republic.

Our competency include:

Cloud Architecture: Neptuno develops innovative cloud architecture for business and enterprise and specific solution for the food retail industry. Our engagement start with an analysis of the customer network operation and then we build a sound cloud architecture plan based on Microsoft Azure and the option to connect into a hybrid architecture with Neptuno Datacenter.

Recovery Services: Neptuno provide disaster recovery services tailor to customer needs. Our solutions includes data replication into a hybrid environment and replication to cloud. The solution goes beyond cold data replication by enablement of workload off-premises in Microsoft Azure or Neptuno Hybrid Datacenter. Recovery Services is founded on Neptuno Managed Services as a customer support centric operation before, during and after recovery.

Value Proposition

Neptuno seamless technology solutions translates into a world of answers, from the planning and design stages, through careful analyses of customer technology, to the final system and implementation. This comprehensive approach is enhanced by integrating Microsoft Azure with our Managed Services for support and monitoring services.

Each client becomes a top priority. Neptuno provides the technical expertise that will take each project to its peak performance level. Thanks to a professional staff, on top of the latest IT and cloud technologies, Neptuno presents a winning combination of technology solutions that incorporate cloud and IT consulting, design, development, installations and maintenance within the highest standards of honesty and integrity. This philosophy has generated positive results for the clients and a profitable outcome for their businesses.

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