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You have aging hardware in your data center, failures are occurring more frequently and maintenance is eating up your time. Perhaps it is time to consider getting out of the hardware business and moving everything to Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure data centers can provide you with highly available servers and storage, all without capital expenditures, installation and configuration costs, warranty and services decisions, and maintenance costs. The costs and the time investments all need to be considered in the broader picture of business needs.

So, let’s boil this down to three essential questions that you need to address:

1. Do I want to spend large chunks of money (capital) on IT infrastructure or would smaller monthly operating expenses be preferable?

2. Is my data center highly available to my business users?

3. Do I want my staff to spend time maintaining infrastructure or do I want my staff working on business-centric projects that align with our vision?

Everyone has fewer IT staff than they need. If your staff is spending their time firefighting failures in the data center or installing and configuring hardware, who is helping to align the IT services with the business?

Push Existing Infrastructure & Workloads to Azure Cloud Platform
Out team of Microsoft Azure Experts help enterprises in their Cloud Migration initiatives. Our Azure Migration Solutions and Microsoft Azure Experts aim to direct enterprises to seamlessly migrate existing infrastructure to Azure Cloud leveraging abounding benefits of IaaS and PaaS. By pushing Infrastructure and Workloads to cloud, our clients aim to make their enterprise system more flexible and provide customer friendly services. Our key Azure Migration Services which we offer to our clients include:
- Migrate & Manage client's IT infrastructure in a flexible manner to enable smooth integration with the existing processes and resources
- Build, Deploy & Manage public/hybrid cloud, based on System Center tools
- Manage customer applications, data and infrastructure based on Azure, 24*7
- Deliver “Storage as a Service” and DR Services on Azure
- Manage Identity, Backup and Network infrastructure on Cloud
- Monitor, Report, Improve, providing Proactive Support and Maintenance.

If you have been considering migrating your data center to Azure and taking advantage of the power, efficiency and scalability of the cloud - please contact us.


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