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ITQS are best Cloud Solution Provider CSP and archive the award “Country Partner of the Year”

We are Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner and focus on helping our customers adopting Microsoft Cloud Technologies to get new business opportunities.

As a Microsoft Azure Partner, we have vast experience helping our customers during the over 5 years, moving, managing, designing on Microsoft Cloud.

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There is a list of principal’s solutions:

. Consulting on Cloud Architecture: With our Step-by-Step Framework we help our customers to build the best Cloud Architecture on Azure using the right services to reduce risk, time and cost in the solution.

. Development services using Azure PaaS: We know about developing software requirements and how Microsoft Azure can help using AppService Enviroment, AppService Fabric, SQL Server Azure, Azure Batch Services, Azure Storage Services like, Storage, Queues or simple and fast Table Storage.

. Infrastructure on the Cloud: We know about to extent our customers Datacenter and get the IaaS beneficences form cloud. Create, manage, design infrastructure services on Azure and move production environments to the cloud.


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