Datamex Automatisering B.V.

Datamex Automatisering B.V.

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Datamex Automatisering is a Cloud Services company based in The Netherlands and stands for delivering a reliable technical solutions to unlock all the wished for functionality. Within the SMB market, we help our customers to secure the continuity of their organization using innovative, scalable and integrated (for instance pay-per-use) solutions. A one-stop-shop for all challenges!

Our Solution Portfolio:

- Cloud Migrations: Datamex can help customers migrate their workloads and applications to the cloud, assist with application refactoring for cloud environments, and help design & build microservices-based modern applications and services.

- Cloud Enablement: Datamex works with many software vendors and system integrator to successfully enable their solutions to run on public cloud services, including Microsoft Azure and Office 365. As a trusted partner for Azure marketing and engineering teams, we have been enabling partner solutions to run on Azure via program and technical support services.

Our Value Proposition:

At Datamex, we believe in unburdening our customers to the maximum extent using a user-centric approach. That is why we offer products, services and advice as a one-stop-shop solution to a wide range of industries, including Services, Steel, Production and Wholesale. To be able to add value today, tomorrow and in the future, we invest in innovative solutions such as (Private) Cloud solutions based on Azure combined with all kinds of other Cloud solutions like Office 365. Besides our wide range product knowledge, our consultants bring a lot of experience.

As a result we have managed to build and deploy end-to-end cloud-based solutions for mid-market SMB customers. We have significantly improve Cloud Infrastructure efficiency in many ways, for all kinds of companies and markets. You will get the best solution for the best price based on a fully transparent pay-per-use pricing model. We will assist you as customer and end-user to get connected to and setup in the Cloud, we will stay by your side all the way until the transition is completed and will smoothen the process of implementation.

We have worked on several successful projects accelerating cloud adoption for our customers. Given an opportunity, we would love to showcase our abilities with presenting ourselves in a inspiration session and by performing a quick assessment of your environment and propose in concept the best solutions that benefit your organization. So, how can we be of service?

Have a lovely day!


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