Cloudera, Inc.

Cloudera, Inc.

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Cloudera was formed in 2008 as the first company to offer commercial Apache Hadoop solutions, and today we offer the best unified platform for big data. Cloudera Enterprise on Microsoft Azure provides a secure, low-cost, fast, and scalable platform for data management, business intelligence, and analytics. And it’s easy to deploy in just a few clicks through the Azure Marketplace. Cloudera is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform and a Microsoft Certified Azure Partner.

Large enterprises and government agencies around the world rely on Cloudera to enable them to put data at the center of their decision making. Cloudera Enterprise on Azure can help companies:

• Drive customer insights: Understand your customer and channel better to improve topline growth
• Improve products & services efficiency: Create products that better satisfy the needs of your target customers and get them to market faster
• Lower business risk: Ensure that your organization is in compliance with corporate and governmental regulations, and protect customer and enterprise information from cyber threats, both internal and external

Cloudera and Microsoft are partnering to co-sell Cloudera Enterprise powered by Azure.

• Our integrated platform uses Azure Data Lake Store, a massively scalable distributed file system optimized for analytics. This means that Cloudera on Azure customers can store data of any type with no limits to performance and scalability – meeting the increasingly aggressive data needs of your business for volume, velocity and variety.

• Cloudera’s partners and professional service teams have developed and delivered unsurpassed training to over 30,000 people worldwide. Our support model addresses both proactive and predictive solutions for a worry-free data enterprise.

• Cloudera Enterprise is the only Apache Hadoop distribution to pass PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliance audits. The solution includes comprehensive cluster-wide data encryption and key management as well as data governance and lineage that allows users to track the history of data throughout the cluster.

Information-driven business leaders understand the significance of the partnership between Cloudera and Microsoft Azure. We are the winning team that can centralize your big data and provide critical business answers at the point of impact.


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