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Webinar: AIA Singapore Drives Digital Transformation with Java on Azure

AIA Singapore is a leader in life insurance and financial services across Asia-Pacific markets. To accelerate digital transformation, AIA wanted to modernize legacy on-premises systems with a cost-effective, scalable cloud platform. Join this webinar to learn how AIA Singapore transformed mission-critical Java applications to a hybrid architecture on Azure with Azure Kubernetes Service, Java, Apache Tomcat, and Azure platform services.

Azure webinar series: Introduction to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on Azure

Organizations are accelerating cloud adoption to save money, rapidly adjust to changing business demands, and enhance security. Cloud infrastructure can help you increase scale and deliver efficiency with unified security and management capabilities. In this 45-minute webinar, you'll see demos and discover best practices for Azure IaaS.

Azure webinar series: Windows Server 2022, Best on Azure

Azure is the best place to run Windows Server 2022. Join this webinar to hear from our experts about new capabilities that are essential for anyone running business critical Windows Server workloads in Azure.

Azure webinar series: Enable Tamper-Evidence for Azure SQL Database Data

Establishing trust around the integrity of data stored in database systems has been a long-standing problem for all organizations that manage financial, medical or other sensitive data. Traditionally, organizations have depended on decentralized blockchain technology, which can be complicated and time-consuming, to detect unauthorized operations and certify that their systems meet expected security standards.

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