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Örömmel válaszolunk kérdéseire, és segítünk Önnek az Azure-használat első lépéseiben

Talk to an Azure advisor for answers to questions you might have whether you’re starting your first project, migrating to Azure, or are wanting to innovate with the cloud. Our team of advisors can help with:

  • Designing a solution to achieve your business goals and advice on how to build a proof-of-concept (POC).
  • Guidance and best practices on migrating applications and infrastructure to the cloud, and optimizing architectural plans.
  • Help with pricing and how to optimize your costs.
  • One-on-one demos about getting started in the Azure portal, setting up billing alerts, and starting your first service.

Tell us a little about yourself and your project. One of our advisors will then reach out to you shortly to talk about your project and identify how we can help.

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