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Video: Building Engaging Apps with Data Using Microsoft Codename “Dallas”

Közzétéve: június 16, 2010

[This article was contributed by the SQL Azure team.]

Microsoft Codename “Dallas” enables developers to consume premium commercial and public domain data to power consumer and business apps on any platform or device. You can provide relevant data to inform business decisions, create visualizations to discover patterns, and increase user engagement with datasets from finance to demographics, and many more. A consistent REST-based API, simple terms of use, and per-transaction billing make consuming data easy. In this video, learn how "Dallas" removes the friction for accessing data by enabling you to visually discover, explore, and purchase data of any type, including images, real-time Web services and blobs, through a unified marketplace of trusted partners. Adam Wilson uses a variety of "Dallas" datasets to develop Web and mobile applications using technologies such as Microsoft Silverlight 4, Microsoft ASP.NET MVC, and Windows Phone.

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You can download the PowerPoint presentation for this Video here.


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