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NOW AVAILABLE: Windows Azure ISV Business Economics Package

Közzétéve: május 19, 2011

ISV’s considering building SaaS apps on Windows Azure should check out the Windows Azure ISV Business Economics Package.  Included in this package are case studies, reports, and white papers to help you understand estimated costs, analyst projections on market opportunity, and best practices from ISVs who have already successfully built SaaS offerings.  Details on the contents follow:

  • A Windows Azure platform overview including cost examples of ISVs using Windows Azure for their SaaS applications
    • An ISV overview deck
    • "Getting Started with Windows Azure" guidance document
  • Exclusive analyst reports
    • Gartner: Forecast - Public Cloud Services, Worldwide and Regions, Industry Sectors, 2009-2014
    • IDC: Worldwide Software as a Service 2010–2014 Forecast: Software Will Never Be the Same
    • Forrester: The Top Five Changes For Application Development In 2010
  • A collection of Microsoft whitepapers and successful ISV case studies
    • Whitepapers
      • The Economics of the Cloud, Nov 2010
      • Securing the Microsoft Cloud, Aug 2010
    • ISV Case Studies
      • Quest Software, US, 3,500 employees
      • Softeng, Spain, 30 employees
      • SharpCloud, UK, 50 employees
      • Holtl Retail Solutions, Germany, 85 employees
      • NVoicePay, US, 49 employees
      • Sitecore, Denmark, 200 employees

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