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New Windows Azure SDK for PHP Version 3.0 Now Available

Közzétéve: június 3, 2011

The latest blog post by Craig Kitterman on the Interoperability @ Microsoft blog, “New SDK and Sample Kit demonstrates how to leverage the scalability of Windows Azure with PHP”, shares a couple of interesting announcements made recently at the php/tek Conference in Chicago.  The first is the immediate availability of the Windows Azure SDK for PHP version 3.0. As Craig notes in the post, “this open source SDK gives PHP developers a “speed dial” library to take full advantage of Windows Azure’s coolest features.”

The second is the availability of the Windows Azure Sample Kit for PHP, a new project hosted on github that will be the primary repository for all sample PHP code and applications that developers can use to learn how to take advantage of the various features of Windows Azure in PHP. 

Click here to read the full post and learn more about these announcements.