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New Channel 9 Video Interview with InterGrid Discusses Building on Windows Azure

Közzétéve: február 25, 2011

If you're looking for a developer perspective about building on Windows Azure, then you should check out this new Channel 9 video interview with InterGrid's Senior Developer, Peter Soukalopoulos. In it, he describes how - and why - InterGrid uses the Windows Azure platform.  

InterGrid uses Windows Azure to provide its customers with on-demand bursts of computing power for complex and intensive computing processes. A computing process that would typically take days to complete before the cloud, can now be completed in a matter of minutes using Windows Azure. The common usage scenarios for InterGrid's solution entail the rendering of visually rich imagery such as an automobile prototypes, genetic DNA strand sequencing or animated 3-D movie frames.

To help customers take advantage of this service, the company has created an API called GreenButton to embed in third party software applications. GreenButton uses a patented Job Prediction algorithm to present the user with time and cost alternatives for running their job. The GreenButton SDK enables ISVs and developers to embed the GreenButton API in their own applications in order to provide fast and easy access to cloud computing resources for their customers. You can learn more about GreenButton here.