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Cloud Backup of Azure China

Közzétéve: február 18, 2016

Program Manager II, Azure Backup

Based on overwhelming interest from Azure China customers in enabling backup of their Azure virtual machines, we are excited to announce Azure China will now extend the service to protect all cloud virtual machines using Azure Backup. Backup of Azure virtual machines in China will help a broad array of customers leverage Azure for their critical business needs by backing up their assets in the cloud.

In addition, we enabled Microsoft Azure Backup Server to protect the critical applications on-premises to Azure for all Azure China customers.

Backup of Azure China virtual machines

Azure IaaS virtual machines backup provides:

  • Application consistent backups with zero maintenance and infrastructure
  • Leverages Azure snapshot technology and transfers data securely to backup vault
  • Restore the virtual machine in a single click

Backup Azure IaaS VMs

Microsoft Azure Backup Server

Microsoft Azure Backup Server provides:

  • Critical workload backup: Applications like Microsoft SQL Server, Hyper-V VMs, SharePoint, Exchange etc., can be backed up to disks for better RTOs and RPOs and then have the backup copies sent to Azure for long term retention using Microsoft Azure Backup Server.
  • Disk-Disk-Cloud Strategy: Customers heavily leverage this disk-disk-cloud strategy to replace their existing tape solutions and meet the compliance needs for long term retention.
  • Secure: Microsoft Azure Backup Server ensures that all the data is encrypted before the data is transferred to Azure.

Azure Backup Server overview

Steps to download Azure Backup Server

Steps to install and register Azure Backup Server

Hope you find these videos helpful. If you are an existing Azure Backup user, please start by creating an Azure Backup vault to back up Azure virtual machines and download Microsoft Azure Backup Server to get started with backup of enterprise applications.

If you are new to Azure, learn more about Azure Backup and a free Azure trial account.

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