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Azure DocumentDB - New Asia, US regions, and increased account limits

Közzétéve: február 3, 2015

Program Manager, Azure Service Health

We’ve been working hard to deliver additional features for Azure DocumentDB and we’re very happy to announce the following new features and capabilities:  

  • New regional availability – we’ve doubled the regions in which DocumentDB is available
  • Larger accounts and documents – we’ve increased the number of capacity units per account and doubled the supported document size


New Regions

We have added support for provisioning DocumentDB accounts in the East Asia, Southeast Asia, and US East Azure regions (in addition to our existing US West, North Europe and West Europe regions). We’ll continue to invest in regional expansion in order to give you the flexibility and choice you need when deciding where to locate your DocumentDB data. Let us know in which Azure regions you’d like to see DocumentDB by submitting your suggestions on the Microsoft Azure DocumentDB feedback forum.  

Larger Accounts and Documents

We’ve increased the maximum document size again, this time from 256KB to 512KB. What’s more, the Capacity Unit (CU) limit per DocumentDB Account has been raised from 5 to 50 which means you can now scale a single DocumentDB account to 500GB of storage and 100,000 Request Units of provisioned throughput. As always, our preview quotas can be adjusted on a per account basis; please contact us if you have a need for increased caps.   As always, we’d love to hear from you about the DocumentDB features and experiences you would find most valuable. Please submit your suggestions on the Microsoft Azure DocumentDB feedback forum. If you haven’t tried DocumentDB yet, then get started here.