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Azure DevTest Labs now available in six more regions

Közzétéve: április 27, 2016

Sr. Program Manager, Azure DevTest Labs

We are delighted to announce Azure DevTest Labs is now live in all 15 public regions that support the required Azure resources used by the Labs, including Australia, Brazil and more regions in the United States, Europe and Asia. Customers now have the option to create a DevTest lab in any of the below locations.

  • NEW - Brazil South
  • NEW - Australia East
  • NEW - Australia Southeast
  • NEW - North Central US
  • NEW - North Europe
  • NEW - Southeast Asia
  • Central US
  • East US
  • East US 2
  • South Central US
  • West US
  • West Europe
  • East Asia
  • Japan East
  • Japan West

Azure DevTest Lab is a service that helps developers and testers quickly create environments in Azure while minimizing waste and controlling cost. You can test the latest version of your application by quickly provisioning Windows and Linux environments using reusable templates and artifacts. Easily integrate your deployment pipeline with DevTest Lab to provision on-demand environments. Scale up your load testing by provisioning multiple test agents, and create pre-provisioned environments for training and demos.

For more information, please visit the DevTest Labs page to see the features, intro videos and documentation or to learn how to get started. Check out Azure DevTest Team blog, where we share our thoughts behind new features. If you have any questions or need assistance, just go to our MSDN Forum. If you have any suggestions or feature requests, please add them to our Feedback Forum or vote for one already there.