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How HSBC built its PayMe for Business app on Microsoft Azure

2019. július 18., csütörtök

If you live in Asia or have ever traveled there, you’ve probably witnessed the dramatic impact that mobile technology has had on all aspects of day to day life. In Hong Kong in particular, most consumers now use a smart phone daily, presenting new opportunities for organizations to deliver content and services directly to their mobile devices.

Partner Director, Software Engineering

Microsoft and Citus Data: Providing the best PostgreSQL service in the cloud

2019. január 24., csütörtök

Today, we announced the acquisition of Citus Data, an innovative open source extension to scale out PostgreSQL databases without the need to re-architect existing applications. Citus Data delivers unparalleled performance and scalability by intelligently distributing data and queries across multiple nodes, which makes sharding simple.

Partner Director, Software Engineering