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Migrating Existing Services to Regional Scope

2014. november 26., szerda

In May 2014 we announced the general availability of Regional Virtual Network. This enabled users to utilize their virtual network at regional scale and enjoy new features such as ‘Reserved IPs’, ‘Internal Load Balancing’ and ‘Instance level Public IPs’.

Senior Program Manager, Networking

SQL Server AlwaysOn and ILB

2014. október 1., szerda

Internal load balancing (ILB) for Azure services was previewed in May 2014 and went into General Availability in July. Today, we are excited to bring both these technologies together; SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups can now be run with ILB. Availability Group is SQL Server’s flagship solution for high availability and disaster recovery.

Senior Program Manager, Networking

Regional Virtual Networks

2014. május 14., szerda

Overview We are excited to announce that you can now create Virtual Networks (VNet) that span an entire region. While creating a new virtual network, you can refer to the Region instead of an…

Senior Program Manager, Networking