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Azure DocumentDB updates: quick start experience, backup and restore, and firewall support

2016. november 3., csütörtök

Over the past couple weeks the DocumentDB team released a number of improvements to developer experience and capabilities of DocumentDB. We added a new quick start experience helping you to get up and running with a working app on DocumentDB in seconds. We launched a preview for backup/restore and inbound firewall capabilities, as well as released numerous runtime improvements including expanded support for geospatial types.

Principal Group Engineering Manager, Azure Cosmos DB

DocumentDB updates in the Azure Portal: New metrics blade and improved collections management

2016. október 17., hétfő

Recently we released several updates to Azure DocumentDB portal experience. We added a new consolidated metrics experience which includes new metrics for availability, throughput, consistency, and latency which allows you to track how DocumentDB is meeting its SLA. We also streamlined collection management by surfacing all collection operations and experiences on the left navingation bar, and eliminated excessive horizontal scrolling.

Principal Group Engineering Manager, Azure Cosmos DB