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Events, Data Points, and Messages - Choosing the right Azure messaging service for your data

2017. szeptember 12., kedd

With the introduction of Event Grid, Microsoft Azure now offers an even greater choice of messaging infrastructure options. The expanded messaging service fleet consists of the Service Bus message broker, the Event Hubs streaming platform, and the new Event Grid event distribution service...

Architect, Azure Service Bus

Collaboration and federation: Azure Service Bus Messaging on-premises futures

2017. január 18., szerda

We are announcing today that we will not provide an immediate successor for the standalone, on-premises Service Bus for Windows Server 1.1 product. The product, available as a free download, will go out of mainstream support on January 9, 2018, as announced at product release. Future on-premises messaging capabilities will be delivered in the context of Azure Stack where we can deliver a consistent experience with the public cloud services.

Architect, Azure Service Bus