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Announcing release of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC and Azure SDK 2.3

Közzétéve: április 4, 2014

Lead Program Manager, Azure Developer Experience
Today, we are excited to announce the releases of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC and the Azure SDK 2.3 for .NET.  These releases add a number of great features for Azure development: Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC This update to Visual Studio 2013 includes built-in tooling for Azure developer and test scenarios:
  • Dev/Test: Create Dev/Test environments (Azure Web Sites or VMs) for Web apps and generate automated PowerShell deployment scripts [Article]
  • JSON Editor: New editor with IntelliSense support when editing Resource Manager templates [Release Notes]
  • Mobile Services: .NET support including remote debugging [Article; Mobile Dev Center]
  • Notification Hubs: Send test notifications [Article]
  Azure SDK 2.3 for .NET With the additional install of the Azure SDK 2.3 for .NET you also can take advantage of the following features:
  • Virtual Machines: Remote debug native or managed code [Article] and create virtual machines from Server Explorer [Article]
  • Web Sites: View and edit remote files and logs [Article] and easily publish Web apps using the improved Publish Web experience [Article]
  • Cloud Services: General availability of Emulator Express [Article] with Run as Normal User support & Remote debugging for native code [Article]
  • Storage: Updated Storage Emulator & Storage Client 3.0 now included in new projects [Storage Dev Center]
  • PowerShell, X-Plat CLI and .NET Automation (separate downloads from Azure SDK 2.3): Support for using Resource Manager [PowerShell Article; X-Plat CLI Article], and lots of new commands for automating Web Sites, Cloud Services, VMs and more [PowerShell Article; X-Plat CLI Article]
  Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC is available for download here.  The Azure SDK 2.3 can be downloaded from the Azure .NET Developer Center.  And, the automation tools are available as part of the Azure PowerShell, X-Plat CLI and .NET client library downloads. Stay tuned for an upcoming post with more details on these features.