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Announcing Full PowerShell Cmdlet Support for Azure Automation

Közzétéve: február 18, 2015

Program Manager, Azure Automation
You asked, and we answered! This week marks the release of the latest version of the Azure PowerShell module, and along with it 23 new PowerShell cmdlets for managing Azure Automation, locally in the PowerShell ISE / console or within Azure Automation runbooks. The update includes new cmdlets for accounts, assets, and scheduled runbooks.  

New cmdlets:

  • New-AzureAutomationAccount
  • Remove-AzureAutomationAccount
  • Get-AzureAutomationScheduledRunbook
  • New-AzureAutomationVariable
  • Set-AzureAutomationVariable
  • Remove-AzureAutomationVariable
  • Get-AzureAutomationVariable
  • Get-AzureAutomationCredential
  • New-AzureAutomationCredential
  • Remove-AzureAutomationCredential
  • Set-AzureAutomationCredential
  • Get-AzureAutomationCertificate
  • New-AzureAutomationCertificate
  • Set-AzureAutomationCertificate
  • Remove-AzureAutomationCertificate
  • Get-AzureAutomationConnection
  • New-AzureAutomationConnection
  • Remove-AzureAutomationConnection
  • Set-AzureAutomationConnectionFieldValue
  • Get-AzureAutomationModule
  • New-AzureAutomationModule
  • Set-AzureAutomationModule
  • Remove-AzureAutomationModule

Notable updates:

  • Get-AzureAutomationJob now supports server side filtering on Job status
  You can learn more about the Azure Automation cmdlets on MSDN, or install the latest Azure PowerShell module here.   Just getting started with Azure Automation?  Learn about the service here, and follow Azure Automation on Twitter. Want to get in contact with me, personally? Reach out via my blog or follow me on Twitter. Looking to engage with the Azure Automation engineering team on upcoming features? Fill out our short survey and we’ll be in touch.