Havi archívum: augusztus 2015

Unlock your door using Face API & Windows 10 IoT Core

2015. augusztus 11., kedd

Microsoft developers have also used Windows 10 IoT Core to build stuff like facial-recognition door locks that only open if it recognizes you, a robot programming kit, and an app to control a handheld fan. The facial recognition technology is powered by Project Oxford.Read more: Hello, Windows 10 IoT Core Why Microsoft made a Windows-powered robotic air hockey table Unlock Your Door With …

Senior Program Manager, Cognitive Services

Update your DocumentDB indexing policies online

2015. augusztus 6., csütörtök

DocumentDB now supports online index transformations. With this release, you can create and modify the indexing policy configuration of your DocumentDB collections. The index transformations are applied online/in place, so you can continue to read, write and query while the indexing is in progress.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Cosmos DB

A key IT decision: Which apps to move to the cloud

2015. augusztus 6., csütörtök

What is one of the most important decisions IT departments face in today's cloud-first world? It's not whether to leverage the cloud, build a private cloud or even which cloud services to use. The more important decision is which applications to place in the cloud.

Chief Strategist, Cloud + Enterprise