Havi archívum: november 2015

Announcing the Azure SDK 2.8.1 for .NET

2015. november 30., hétfő

Today, we’re excited to announce Azure SDK 2.8.1 for Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio 2015. This SDK update offers some great new features for Azure App Service developers to complement the new release of App Service API Apps and general availability of Mobile Apps .NET server SDK.

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Azure Marketing

Announcing the Availability of PHP 7 RC7 x86 (Experimental) on Azure Web App

2015. november 19., csütörtök

The support for PHP7 is provided as an experimental feature, and is considered unsupported at a Platform level, as PHP7 is still currently in a release candidate state. This enables you to start testing PHP7 and provide feedback to both the PHP Community and the Azure Web Apps team.

Program Manager II, Azure App Service Team