Havi archívum: november 2014

Migrating Existing Services to Regional Scope

2014. november 26., szerda

In May 2014 we announced the general availability of Regional Virtual Network. This enabled users to utilize their virtual network at regional scale and enjoy new features such as ‘Reserved IPs’, ‘Internal Load Balancing’ and ‘Instance level Public IPs’.

Senior Program Manager, Networking

Introducing the Azure Automation Script Converter

2014. november 25., kedd

Introducing the Azure Automation Script Converter - if you import a PowerShell script with no PowerShell Workflows in it, we’ll now attempt to convert the PowerShell script for you to PowerShell Workflow, so it will be able to run with little to no manual changes as an Azure Automation runbook.

Program Manager, Azure Automation

Working with Dates in Azure DocumentDB

2014. november 19., szerda

This post introduces two methods of dealing with DateTime properties efficiently, but there are many more implementations that would treat Dates and Times efficiently.

Partner Group Program Manager, Azure SQL Data Warehouse