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Mises à jour Azure

En savoir plus sur les mises à jour importantes du produit Azure, la feuille de route et les annonces. Abonnez-vous aux notifications pour rester informé.


    juin 2018

    11 juin

    Tags to group, filter, and search APIs, operations, and products

    Users can add and manage tags—text labels—to APIs, operations, and products. Tags allow better group, filter, and search in deployments with a large number of entities.

    11 juin

    Azure API Management integration with Azure Application Insights

    The Azure API Management integration with Azure Application Insights is now available. With this integration, you now have the ability to troubleshoot and debug APIs more effectively by adding API Management telemetry into Application Insights,

    4 juin

    API DevOps with Azure API Management

    Microsoft is working on guidance, samples, and open source tools that will enable you to automate API deployment to shared environments, and by multiple teams, without interfering with each other.

    4 juin

    OpenAPI v3 support in Azure API Management

    Azure API Management currently supports OpenAPI versions 1.2 and 2.0. Microsoft is in the process of adding support for the recently released OpenAPI version 3 of the specification in both JSON and YAML formats.

    4 juin

    HTTP/2 support in Azure API Management

    HTTP/2 is a major revision of the HTTP protocol focused on performance and efficiency. Microsoft is working on enabling HTTP/2 support on the client-facing side of the gateway.

    4 juin

    More flexibility to manage product subscriptions in Azure API Management

    Currently, API Management provides users access to APIs based on product subscriptions owned by a user, and each subscription includes properties and a pair of API keys. Microsoft is working on expanding this approach to allow subscriptions and keys to be owned by a group of users, or even to not be associated with any users.

    4 juin

    Use Azure Key Vault-managed client certificates in Azure API Management

    Microsoft is working to expand the ability to use Azure Key Vault-managed SSL certificates for custom domain names in API Management to mutual certificate authentication between the API gateway and a back end system.

    octobre 2017

    15 oct.

    Modèle de solution PowerBI d’analyse de Gestion des API Azure

    Le modèle PowerBI d’analyse de Gestion des API Azure vous permet de créer des tableaux de bord attrayants et personnalisables, qui illustrent le trafic circulant via votre instance de Gestion des API Azure.

    septembre 2017

    19 sept.

    Mises à jour du service Gestion des API Azure

    Le service Gestion des API Azure offre désormais aux développeurs de nouvelles fonctionnalités pour gérer le cycle de vie des API, étendre les fonctionnalités supplémentaires aux applications métier, etc.

    juin 2016

    21 juin

    General availability: Git integration for API Management

    The Git integration feature for API Management is generally available.

    8 juin

    Export API definitions from API Management developer portal

    A new feature enables API developers to export API definitions in Swagger and WADL formats from the Azure API Management developer portal.

    mai 2016

    12 mai

    API Management adds new cmdlets for managing Git configuration, Properties, and Loggers

    With the release of Azure PowerShell 1.4.0, a number of new cmdlets were added to manage Tenant GIT configuration, Properties, and Loggers in API Management.

    3 mai

    Azure API Management adds support for Swagger model schemas

    We released a new feature to store model schemas from Swagger files and display model schemas in API documentation in the Azure portal.