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Mises à jour Azure

En savoir plus sur les mises à jour importantes du produit Azure, la feuille de route et les annonces. Abonnez-vous aux notifications pour rester informé.

mai 2017

10 mai

Introducing the Azure app (preview)

With the Azure mobile app, you can check status and critical metrics of your Azure resources, get notifications and alerts, and perform simple operations to resolve common issues.

octobre 2016

13 oct.

Azure Scheduler updates HTTP/HTTPS job timeout

The HTTP/HTTPS job timeout in Azure Scheduler has increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

septembre 2016

8 sept.

Azure Scheduler available in United Kingdom

Azure Scheduler is available in the United Kingdom South (London, England) and United Kingdom West (Cardiff, Wales) regions.

août 2016

17 août

Azure Scheduler gets new PowerShell cmdlets

You can use Azure PowerShell 2.0.1 cmdlets to manage Azure Scheduler job collections and jobs in Azure Resource Manager.

mai 2016

16 mai

Scheduler available in Canada regions

Azure Scheduler is available in the Canada East and Canada Central regions.

10 mai

Azure Scheduler: P10 and new P20 Premium plans

The Azure Scheduler Premium plan has been renamed to P10 Premium, and a new P20 Premium plan has been released.

mars 2016

8 mars

décembre 2015

21 déc.

General availability: Azure Scheduler

Azure Scheduler user experience is now generally available in the new Azure Portal.

mars 2015

6 mars

Azure Scheduler available in Australia

Users can create Azure Scheduler jobs in the Australia East and Australia Southeast regions.

août 2014

1 août

Azure Scheduler available in Brazil South region

Users can now create Azure Scheduler jobs in the Brazil South region.

juin 2014

19 juin

Scheduler Premium tier and updates to Standard tier

The new Scheduler Premium tier and updates to the Standard tier give you access to more units and job collections.

mai 2014

12 mai

Scheduler GA pricing update

Scheduler GA pricing is now in effect.

avril 2014

3 avr.

General Availability: Scheduler

Azure Scheduler is generally available in all Azure regions, backed by an enterprise SLA, and is ready to use for production scenarios.

3 avr.

Management Libraries for .NET

New management libraries include an SDK that automates how you provision and manage Azure assets.